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Montreal Zombie Walk 2014 – 25 octobre 2014

Over 10,000

Over 10,000 people have participated at the Montreal Zombie Walk on October 19th 2013. Thanks to all our partners and to you, our deadlicious zombies. The 4th edition of the Montreal Zombie Walk will take place on October 25th 2014.

10 000

Norman Reedus

Meet Norman Reedus among other Walking Dead celebrities on December 7th and 8th at Pop Expo Ottawa.

The CPR Makes You Undead campaign features The Undeading

The CPR Makes You Undead campaign features The Undeading — a video set in a post-apocalyptic Toronto overrun by zombies who show viewers how to perform CPR.

Directed by Vincenzo Natali, this Hollywood-quality video has quickly become a viral sensation that has been showered with industry awards. As CBC personality George Stroumboulopoulos tweeted: “… The Best. PSA. Ever…”


By Sylvain A. Trottier


Translation by Rachael Hardies

Dear half-decayed readers, welcome to this first edition of Games Zombies! Each month in this little column, I plan to explain a board game on the theme of, or that includes, zombies.
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The Montreal Zombie Walk and Paramount Pictures are pleased to offer you a chance to win five passes for two people to see the film World War Z in all Cineplex theaters from Monday to Thursday, while the movie is playing in theatres.

To enter the contest, send an email before July 3rd to:


The Walking Dead

          The comic The Walking Dead first appeared in 2003. Created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore#, the comic has become one of the essential works in zombie culture. In 2009, AMC adapted it into a television series, the first to present a world victim of a zombie apocalypse.
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Do not panic: zombies do not exist.

Do not panic: zombies do not exist.
          In recent months, there has been a sudden proliferation of various morbid and bloody facts leading people to believe that the zombie invasion has finally begun. It all started with a man from Miami caught in broad daylight devouring the face of a homeless person.
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