How to participate?

Disguise yourself alone or with friends!


Make yourselves up to look like the undead!


Join us at the meeting site!

Info Walk

Meeting time for Zombies :

Saturday, October 27, 2018 at the Place du Canada, from noon, near the Bonaventure metro station

Walking route :

On Sainte-Catherine Street West, between Peel and Jeanne-Mance Streets

Zombie Walk starting time :

From 3pm. No late zombies please!


What is it?

The Montreal Zombie Walk is a great gathering of good undead people who amaze us with their creativity every year! Whether alone or in groups, the Zombies Walk is the show of thousands of participants who parade downtown for free in a horrible and fun atmosphere! It’s a unique experience in the month of October, where the scary and the extraordinary mingle!

Who is it?

You are the undead every year, but the Zombie Walk is also an organization. The Montreal Zombie Walk has been produced since 2011 by the non-profit organization of the same name, which was also named Les Productions M.A.L. until 2017.

Thanks from the organizers

Thanks to everyone who participated and contributed to the project each year: the team, the volunteers, the present and the old partners, all the artists and of course the thousands of participants every year!

F.A.Q. / Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimal age to particpate?

No, the Montreal Zombie Walk is a family event. However, not all children (or adults) love zombies! We can understand why, by the way.

How can we participate to the Montreal Zombie Walk?

Easy ! Before joining us, you put on a disguise and make up to look like an undead !

Does the event take place if it rains?

Yes, rain or shine there will be a Zombie Walk! Be a predicting zombie with a good choice of clothes for the day.

Only if weather conditions become a danger to the safety of participants and the public, the organization may decide to cancel the event.

Is it hard to do a zombie make up?

Yes and no ! It all depends on what kind of zombie you want to be ..  Are you a freshly contaminated zombie or a zombie that has been lurking for days and who has been having a rough time? There are a lot of professional makeup artists in Montreal and Quebec if you have big ambitions, but if you want to participate without having a hard time there are several simple tutorials on Youtube.

Can we get a zombie make up on the event departure site?

No because service is not guaranteed each year. We encourage participants to create their own make-up and costume and then join us at the event on the day of the event.

What is the directive on hunters and weapons?

The decision on weapons and hunters is managed within different levels of the project stakeholders.. The first level, the production organization of the Zombie Walk, accepts weapons that are non-dangerous, non-cutting and not too realistic. We accept the presence of undead hunters.

However, the organization relies on the authorities in place who participate in the holding and the realization of this event (police and fire departements of the city of Montreal) if they decide to prohibit the wearing and use of weapons during the Zombie Walk.


You are responsible for all your body parts.

Please respect the code of road safety

(when applicable). Please respect the rules transmitted by the Zombie Walk team before, during and after the walk and finally, please respect the instructions of the police or municipal services on site during the event.

There is no point in doing too much

People will already be frightened to see this mass of zombies moving towards them. Humans are your friends, do not disturb them if they are not receptive. Leave the spectators alone and avoid confrontations.

Children are not nourishing enough, avoid going to them.

No chaos, vandalism and other illegal activities will be tolerated.

No realistic weapon will be tolerated.

The Zombie Walk accepts non-dangerous, non-cutting and very caricatural and not realistic weapons. However, the police departement can refuse them.

Thank you to respect the merchants and the private domain.

Do not act violently or damage the street furniture.

Play the character!

Make a lot of noise, we want moans and a lot of extreme roar. Show off your cravings for brain eating!

Have fun!